Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Now I must market myself

Well, now that the book is beginning to show up in stores I need to get over my hangups and become the salesman I was born to be.

IVP tells me that the author is the best salesperson for a book. That makes sense. But by nature I'd rather blog and talk with people over coffee.

One thing that's been nice so far is meeting people I otherwise wouldn't have. This guy out of San Diego wrote me that he had read the book, and had a comment, and we had a pleasant exchange of emails.

I suppose marketing myself is just a matter of maturity. In my dream world the book would sell itself because of the sheer brilliance of the writing, but that's my dream world. So it's time to go out and sell my wares.

By the way, when I was looking for a picture for this entry, I found this Italian fishmonger dude. Look closely at his lower table. Would you like to buy a strawberry?


At 9:29 PM, January 23, 2007, Blogger Pete Juvinall said...

Like I said, you did a great job with that book Paul. It is such a refreshing thing to take the mask off of something and call it for what it is; you did this really well with the concept of cool.

MJ and I both really enjoyed it a ton. Good luck! :)


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