Monday, December 18, 2006

Keith Richards, meet Dorian Gray

Keith Richards turns 63 today. Happy Birthday, Keith! You're sure looking good!

Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray was/remains one of the finest novels ever written about the meaning of human action and morality. The story revolves around a young man and his portrait, taken in the flower of early adulthood. Dorian Gray (the man) remains ever young and beautiful, even as the painting changes and grows grotesque.

This is uncannily similar to the Rolling Stones. Keith Richards et al. project perpetual youth and mastery, all while living debauched lifestyles. Here's what I mean:

The Stones' music is the living Dorian Gray, and the Keith Richards, Mick Jagger et al. are the Picture of Dorian Gray: in their bodies they display the weight of their life choices, while their music remains forever young and irresponsible.

This is an awful portrait. No 63-year old should look like this - at least no 63-year old millionaire, who's never had to work for his bread under the hot sun.


At 10:06 PM, December 26, 2006, Blogger sabbath day's journey said...

Well, it's good to have found your website through Byron Borger of Hearts and Minds Books. I've been doing a bit of thinking about uncoolness this year and last. Though I call it being "unlovely", and how I have previously been under the impression that God is stalking me (trying to get my attention!) through the unlovely (uncool) folks he's placed around me. Folks that even uncool folks like me would label MORE uncool. Can you imagine? It's been --- and continues to be --- a journey and a learning experience. Congrats on the book, too, by the way. It's sure to do well. All the best to you.



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