Monday, May 01, 2006

Orchard Street

A significant decision for me in college came when I walked home from a party at 10 S. Orchard Street, as a young man was treating a young woman fairly roughly. The party (at 10. S. Orchard St, in Madison - icon at bottom left) was full of people, most of whom were drunk to one degree or another. They were making out in the hallway. He was groping her all over; She was way too drunk to consent in any meaningful sense of the term.

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On the other hand, this was a crowded party, and it was one of dozens that night up and down Orchard Street. I despaired of any action on my behalf having any consequence. Women were getting manhandled all over that street. Could I stop it all?

Instead I went home (Witte Hall - icon at top right). And I've wondered about it ever since.

What else could I have done? What else should I have done?

This is not rhetorical - I'd love your comments.


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